Ross Nasseri LLP Secures Client Win at the Court of Appeal

Posted on: October 18, 2021

Ross Nasseri LLP’s Justin Nasseri and Justin Necpal (of Necpal Litigation) recently secured a win for our clients, Noble 1324 Queen Inc., at the Court of Appeal for Ontario.

Our firm was retained to appeal an unprecedented decision in which the Court granted final judgment of $9M as a sanction for contempt of court orders requiring the defendants to produce an accounting. We were successful in persuading the Court of Appeal that judgment was not a fit penalty for contempt, particularly in circumstances where the defendants had been instructed not to address the merits at the sanctions hearing.

It was a privilege for our team to combine forces with Justin Necpal and win an appeal that represents an important development in the law of contempt and sanctions hearings!

Read the full decision on Thrive Capital Management Ltd. v. Noble 1324 Queen Inc. (2021 ONCA 722) here: